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In Africa one afternoon
An elephant stood on a balloon
The balloon went pop
So he stood on a rock
And that's the end of the baffoon
(Shelby Byrne)


There was a young lady from Down
Her hair was brown
Her dress was green
She was very mean
And that made everybody frown
(Aoife Naughton)


There was a young lady from Clare
She used to ride a mare
The mare won the race
At a very fast pace
And everyone said it was unfair
(Ciara Lynch)


I know a girl named Gwen
She has a brother called Ben
Her dad's name is Pat
They have a welcome mat
You walk on it as you come in.
(Leanne Evans)


There was a young man from Kildare
He drank all the water in Clare
He stood on a rock
And then he went pop
Then all his pieces flew up into the air
(Kieran Magner)


There was a young man from Clare
Who wanted to run to Kildare
He was running for the poor
But his feet got so sore
That he had to stop in Adare
(Declan Keniry)


There was a young girl from Clare
Who went to the funfair
She played all night
Until there was light
Then everyone knew she'd been there
(Elaine Gibson)












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